Knotted Mala


Mix and match beautiful gemstones with faceted nuggets to create unique malas with our amazing waxed knotting cord and natural suede for tassels.

Our waxed cord is so easy and forgiving to work with and we have 24 colors available.


Products Used in Project

Thumbnail Name Quantity Price Add to Cart Button Global Add to Cart Checkbox
Labradorite - 10 x 8mm Faceted Nugget Labradorite - 10 x 8mm Faceted Nugget Read more
Natural Flat Suede - 2mm Natural Flat Suede - 2mm $0.50 Read more
7mm Dotted Spacer 7mm Dotted Spacer $2.49$8.89 Read more
Amazing Waxed Knotting Cord Amazing Waxed Knotting Cord $2.99 Read more
Western Bead Western Bead $1.45 Read more
Asian Coin Pendant Asian Coin Pendant $2.15$2.59 Read more
Buddha Charm Buddha Charm $1.89$2.25 Read more
Cupola Brass Cord End - 8mm Cupola Brass Cord End - 8mm $2.25$2.75 Read more
Lapis - Matte - 8mm Round Lapis - Matte - 8mm Round
Lapis - Matte - 6mm Round Lapis - Matte - 6mm Round